Ojo del Toro (1958 – 2041)

was a founder member of the Infamous Wu Shu Hackers (iWSH) – the global cellular network established in 1995 to save football from the mafia.

Del Toro was initially a cosmologist who had been entirely unsuccessful in his quest to discover gravitational waves emanating from RS Canum Venaticorum binary systems.

Then All-Under-Heaven…

Professional gambler, hacker, whistleblower, del Toro was the cultural attache of La Brigade de la Surete cell of the IWSH based in Canberra, Kerkyra, Bucharest and Tiraspol. This cell exposed the full extent of calciopoli in Italy’s Serie A, the takeover of the England team by football agents, the MOBgate matchfixing scandal and the Leicester City Affair in the Premier League together with numerous other systemic criminalities throughout the sport while also highlighting hundreds of matchfixing events between 2006 and 2017 when the cell deconstructed itself as predicted.

After the death of football, del Toro put his whistle away.

He spent his later years becoming persuaded, and persuading others, that we have always lived in a multiverse. His epitaph reads: “The Revolution Sashays Up The Mall”.

As indeed it does.